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 Survivor Gabon: Nove 20th show recap with video

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PostSubject: Survivor Gabon: Nove 20th show recap with video   Fri Nov 21, 2008 2:14 am

Written by honeySC
Thursday, 20 November 2008 21:38

As the merged Survivor Gabon tribe aptly named Nobag returns from their first tribal council Randy is relieved to find that they had bigger fish to fry and he remains in the game. Others know that they are outnumbered and will go unless things change.
Bob tells Sugar that he couldn't find the immunity idol and that he made one out of resin and beads. She admires it and thinks that it is a good replica. Randy and Corinne are allies and think that things are not looking good. Randy admits that he doesn't like anyone else there and she advises him to ignore Sugar and go to work on Matty. Corrine and Randy return from a mail run with tree mail for everyone and individual envelopes. The mail indicates that there is an auction of some sort coming up.

Survivor Gabon AuctionThe Nobag tribe gathers for the Survivor Gabon Auction. Each member has five hundred dollars that they cannot merge or give away. The first item is beer and peanuts and Randy wins it for 180. Kenny wins a covered item for 340 dollars. He wins a note to send someone else to Exile Island, and he can have that person's money. Kenny sends Bob and gets his five hundred dollars. The next item is sold to Sugar for 340 dollars. She bought chocolate and peanut butter. The next item is a hot bath and everything they need to get clean as well as a clean set of their own clothes. Susie wins it for 340 dollars. Randy wants to bathe her. The others watch her bathe while they participate in the auction. The next item is a burger, fries, and coke. Matty won it for four hundred dollars. Susie finishes her bath and Sugar comments that she would have been in there for the entire time, but Sugar still leaves and dresses in fresh clothes. The next item is covered. Randy wins spaghetti, garlic bread and a glass of wine. The next item is a sealed note that gives the winner an advantage in the next immunity challenge. Jeff informs the next item is for the entire tribe and before he gets the words out, Randy bids the twenty dollars requested. He won chocolate chip cookies. Sugar turns down a cookie which Randy then offers to Corinne. When Jeff reminds him it is for the tribe, he explains that she turned it down. He then offers her his cookie and she takes it and gives it to Matty. Randy didn't get a single cookie for his purchase.

The tribe returns to camp, and they argue over the cookies. Matty says that it was a righteous move to give him the cookie, while Randy says that he is full, a bit drunk, and mad. Sugar says that she only did it because Randy didn't want her to have a cookie and says that Randy thinks that she is evil Sugar. Matty says that Randy set himself up with his attitude when Randy says that no one will talk with him.

Bob finds a new clue while on Exile Island, but he knows that looking is fruitless, so he takes a walking safari on his own. He says that he, Randy, and Corinne will be voted off soon, but he is going to enjoy his trip there to the Garden of Eden.

Kenny, Matty, Sugar, Crystal, and Susie are talking. Sugar thinks that Matty is trying to take control when he suggests that Bob should go next, then Randy, then Corinne. He says that he wants to worry about the five of them get to final five. He repeats the order to them, while Sugar shakes her head at his leadership move. She thinks that he is trying to take out the other strong male and wonders if perhaps he wants to set himself up with Randy.

Randy decides that he is going to crash and burn all day, making the tribe angry enough to try to send him home. He says that the reason they are in where they are is that Susie turned on them. He hopes that Bob will give him the idol and then with them all voting for Susie, she will go home. Randy goes after the old Fang tribe. He tells Matty that he has whored himself out, and Matty decides that he will take out Randy now. Crystal says that Randy is creating havoc in the tribe and decides that Randy has to go. Randy goes on about he cookies and is generally a royal pain to the Nobag tribe.

Survivor Gabon ImmunityThe tribe meets with Jeff for immunity and Bob returns. They must race across some balance beams for bags of puzzle parts. They must get three bags and then go to a staging area where they set up the puzzle pieces, avoiding trip wires that will destroy their puzzle and force them to begin again. The first three to come in from the beams will move on to the second round. Corinne finds out that her purchase in the auction wins her the right to move directly to the final round, so she is guaranteed a one in three chance to win immunity. Matty and Kenny come in first and second. In the final round, Kenny, Matty, and Corinne set up the puzzle around the trip wires, but Kenny topples his pieces. Corinne continues to work steadily but Kenny catches up and is done. His blocks don't topple. He resets and Matty, Corinne, and Kenny are all going at the same time. Corinne's stops short and so does Matty. Kenny wins individual immunity and is safe at tonight's tribal council. Jeff tells them that at the thirty day point the end is coming for one of them.

Randy continues to speak about his plan to have them play the idol for him. Sugar tells him to give it to Randy so that he will go home in a big move. Bob thinks that he can make nice with the other side to do that. Corinne then catches Bob and tells him that if he gave the idol to Randy, and they all voted out Susie, she would go home and level the playing field. Bob goes to Randy, and shows him the idol, offering it to Randy in what Randy feels is a selfless move.

Tribal CouncilAt tribal council, Jeff asks about the cookie, and Susie tells him that she gave it away. Randy says that it was actually his cookie that he offered her and he offered her twice when he could have stomped them in the ground. Randy says that he was angry at how it all went down. Jeff continues to ask about Randy's situation and Crystal thinks that it is sad. Randy says that he is not ready to go.

Jeff sends the tribe members up to vote.
Corinne votes Susie.
Sugar votes Randy saying he is a mean drunk.
Randy votes Susie saying his vote is not strategic but totally personal.
Crystal votes Randy saying that he has made her life hell.

Jeff calls for the immunity idol. In what might become a Survivor Gabon classic moment, Randy gives it up. The others try to avoid smirking. Jeff says that the rules state that if the idol is played, the votes will not count and the next highest vote count will come into play. Jeff then states that this is not an immunity idol and all votes against Randy will count. Sugar collapses in laughter, Crystal hides her grin, Corinne is shocked and Bob looks somber.

Survivor Gabon Randy GoneSusie, Randy, Susie, Susie, Randy, Randy, Randy, Randy. The eleventh person voted out of Survivor Gabon is Randy. He brings his torch. He never said a word as he left. Jeff sends them home with words about trust, saying that he is looking forward to seeing how this plays out.

Next episode of Survivor Gabon:
Bob tells about the throwing of the idol into the ocean in a bottle, and then tells that he didn't actually put it into the bottle, but hid it around camp. Bob tells that he was told where it was and he begins to unwrap something from a leather skin.

Randy's last words:
He feels that it was a classic move and he took it as an honor that they used it to get him out.

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Survivor Gabon: Nove 20th show recap with video
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