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 Survivor Gabon Show Recap December 11, 2008

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PostSubject: Survivor Gabon Show Recap December 11, 2008   Fri Dec 12, 2008 1:29 am

Survivor Gabon

Tonight's Survivor Gabon opens with us back at the camp. Matty says the votes tonight were four votes for Corinne and three for himself. He believes that one of the votes was from Ken so he confronts him. Ken says he thought they had the real immunity idol. Matty tells him not to lie. Ken says he has been calling the shots since they have been there; he is the mastermind. Matty says he is on to Ken.

Sugar tells Ken not to win. She says that Matty if gone next if Bob wins. She says Matty is a huge threat and her alliance with Ken and Crystal is strong and the best she has had since she got there. Crystal says she regrets not putting Matty's name down and it's probably the stupidest move she has made in the game. She says he has to be the next to go. Bob is blaming himself for putting Ken in the position he is in and promises that he will give him the immunity necklace if he wins it in order to make amends.

Survivor Gabon Reward ChallengeToday's challenge, they will race through the swamp, through a series of obstacles to retrieve a ball, back through the obstacles and the swamp to the start and toss the ball in a net. First person to get three balls in the net wins the reward. The winner will be flow via helicopter to a national park where they will visit a gorilla sanctuary, they will then enjoy a nice meal, a good nights sleep with a bed and a shower and then return to camp in the morning. In addition, the winner has the chance to send someone to Exile Island.

Matty takes an early lead but Ken to the station first. Matty gets the first ball and heads back, followed closely by Ken and Bob. Matty shoots and scores then heads back out, followed by Ken and Bob. The women are still trying to get the first ball in the net. The men sink the basket and head back for the third and final ball. Matty is the first back with the third ball. Bob throws - he scores and wins reward! Jeff tells Bob he can choose one to go with him. He chooses Crystal. Jeff says two is company, three's a crowd, pick another. He immediately chooses Ken. Jeff then tells Bob to choose who will go to Exile Island. Bob chooses Susie. Jeff sends Sugar and Matty back to camp. Matty says his goal is to get Sugar to align with him and get Ken and Crystal out.

We are treated to some beautiful scenery from the helicopter. Then Bob, Crystal and Ken arrive and find food, fresh vegetables and fruit, some salami and cheese and drinks. They begin to strategize with a goal of getting Matty out. Ken tells Bob if he wins immunity, he could take a risk and Bob would not have to give it to him... the first time. Bob says if he doesn't give it to him, he would not be keeping his word. The devise a plan that if Kemn feels he needs the necklace, he will tell him, but if he feels Bob needs the protection, he would turn it down.

On to hot showers and clean clothes. As they sit down to relax, two men arrive from Africa's Eden and sit down with them. They explain that the gorillas are endangered because the adult gorillas are killed for their meat and what is left is baby, orphaned gorillas. They are then taken to get an up close and personal view of the gorillas. Bob says he felt a spiritual connection with the great apes they way they looked at him and he looked at them - it rocked his soul.

On Exile Island, Susie enjoys the fresh fruit, then relaxes in the hammock. She says she is changing it from Sugar Shack to Susie Shack. Back at the camp, Matty tells Sugar he can't believe how much he wants Ken and Crystal out of the game and is frustrated that they got to go on a reward. Matty tells her he has been gunning for them the whole game. She tells him that he better win immunity tomorrow or he is the next to go. She tells him her alliance is with Ken and Crystal. Matty says they are the evil three. Matty tells her she should give him the idol. She says she is keeping it to ensure she is in the final five.

Bob, Crystal and Ken return from their reward trip. Matty says it was annoying that Bob chose Ken and Crystal over him. Matty continues to whine about his name being written down and Ken tells him his name has been written down 7 times already. Matty takes Crystal aside and tells her that he likes Sue but he doesn't trust her. Crystal tells him she thinks he is lying. Sugar thinks that Matty doesn't deserve to be yelled at by either Ken or Crystal. She says she thinks that Matty is right and Crystal and Ken have been in this together all along. Sugar goes to Matty and tells him she is starting to believe him. She tells him he is not going to go and she will talk to Bob and Sue. Matty can't believe she is telling him the truth.

Survivor Gabon Immunity ChallengeImmunity challenge time and Susie returns from Exile Island. Jeff takes back the necklace. Today, they will study a Gabonese mask features, then they will grab a bag of mask pieces and go through a series of obstacles to find a blank mask. They will use the pieces in the bag to fill in the missing features... the catch - they will be blindfolded. Matty gets to his station first, and heads back for a second bag. Bob and Sugar begin assembling with the first bag of features. Crystal has gotten completely off the course, Jeff calls her back and tells her she needs to get back on course and find her lane. Matty returns for his third bag. Susie is now off the course. Bob has his third bag and is working to finish his mask. Jeff checks and says Bob does not have it. Matty returns after having re-checked the mask. Ken thinks he has it, Jeff says no. Bob calmly continues to work on the mask and says he thinks he has it. Jeff tells him yes, for the fourth straight immunity in a row, he has won immunity.

Ken tells Crystal that he will tell Bob he wants the necklace and they will vote Bob out because he is too dangerous. Crystal agrees that as long as it's not her, she fine with it. Ken tells Bob he is afraid they will blindside him and wants the necklace. Bob says they will talk about it. Crystal tells Matty and Sugar that Ken is getting the necklace from Bob and then they will vote Bob out. Sugar goes to Bob and tells him what Crystal and Ken are planning. She tells them he shouldn't do what they say. Bob wants to know where Susie stands in all this. Sugar says she doesn't know. Bob says he wants to believe her, but he thinks she might just be playing the game. Sugar tells him she will not vote for him and thinks the good guys should win in the end. Sugar returns to the camp and tells them she told Bob that Ken is next and he may just give up the necklace. Matty is nervous and Sugar tells him to let her do the thinking. Sugar says she will play the idol since it is her last chance to do it.

Jeff asks them what they think seeing Bob win challenge after challenge. Ken says he is strong, smart and agile for a man his age. Matty says it better having Bob with the necklace than someone with less caliber. Ken says he thinks Bob took him on the reward because he flopped the last eviction. Ken brings up the fact that Bob promised him the necklace. Bob says yes, if he thought Ken was in danger. Matty says he believes Bob took Ken and Crytal because he knew they were the tightest alliance. Jeff reminds them about the hidden immunity idol. Jeff asks about the necklace and Bob says he is keeping it because he doesn't think Ken is going home tonight. After the votes are taken, Sugar removes the idol from around her neck and gives the idol to Matty and tells him to take the cursed thing away. The jury looks pleased. Jeff says it is indeed the hidden immunity idol and any votes cast for Matty will not count.

Crystal is banishedThe votes:
Matty, Matty, Crystal, Crystal, Crystal. Crystal is voted out of Survivor Gabon 3-0 since Matty's votes did not count at the thirteenth eviction.

Sunday night will be the Finale and live Reunion Show.

Crystal's last words: Wow, I did not know that Sugar turned on me. I don't know what for. It kinda hurts with just a few days left in the game. But when I yelled at Matty, I don't think think it helped. It's been a great run, 36 days, tried to play a fair game, hopefully I made my friends and family proud. Good Luck Kenny, I rooting for you.

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PostSubject: Re: Survivor Gabon Show Recap December 11, 2008   Fri Dec 12, 2008 10:34 am

i was soooo shocked!!


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PostSubject: Re: Survivor Gabon Show Recap December 11, 2008   Fri Dec 12, 2008 11:19 am

I was rooting for Kenny and Crystal so I was mad! but now I hope Kenny makes it!
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PostSubject: Re: Survivor Gabon Show Recap December 11, 2008   

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Survivor Gabon Show Recap December 11, 2008
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